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Parker Integral Seals

Parker Integral Seals

What is an Integral Seal?

Parker Integral Seals are basically “second generation” Gask-O-Seals. While still using a retainer, the Integral Seal does away with grooves to retain the seal elements and, by bonding the elastomer to the edge of the metal, reduces the thickness of the retainer allowing the seal assembly to be used in retrofits of existing designs having O-Ring grooves or flat flange surfaces.

Advantages of the Integral Seal

The Parker Integral Seal offers the user all lthe advantages shown on page 5-135 under “Gask-O-Seal Advantages” plus the very important retrotit benefit. This “retrofit potential” has proven to be a real plus with users of the Integral Seal as an economical solution to many sealing problems. The illustration below shows a typical retrofit situation using both “flat plate” and “pre-grooved” examples.


Parker Design 101
  • General purpose type; ideal for retrofitting O-Ring grooves and counterbores for service up to 10,000 psi.

Parker Design 007
  • Hybrid seal which is very economical to produce and is recommended for high volume production where metal-to-metal contact is not critical.

Parker Design 008
  • Used in applications where no O-Ring groove or counterbore exists and will also seal effectively up to pressures of 10,000 psi.