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Parker Gask-O-Seals®

Parker Gask-O-Seals®


The Parker Gask-O-Seal consists of a retainer plate with grooves in one or both surfaces into which an elastomer is molded to create the seal element(s). This seal may be either chemically bonded to the groove and/or mechanically locked in place by cross-holes in the groove.

The Parker Gask-O-Seal represents a quantum improvement over flat gaskets or the O-Ring in a groove and provides near zero leakage sealing of very complex static configurations.


  • Ease of installation
  • Seal element(s) molded precisely in place
  • Limited area of seal element exposed to fluid attack
  • No retorquing after assembly
  • No special machining of mating flange surfaces required. (No grooves).
  • Visibly inspectable after assembly
  • High reliability