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Metal Seals, Gaskets & Retaining Rings

Metal Seals, Gaskets & Retaining Rings

Cast Iron Z-LOK Piston Rings

Wide range of metallic piston rings for applications that demand superior wear resistance... Z-LOK, Angle cut, Butt cut, Step cut, Hook ring.

Lamons Metal Gaskets

To meet the needs of high temperature and/or high pressure. Spiral wound, corrugated, flat metal, heat exchanger, jacketed, ring joint.

Parker Gask-O-Seals®

Represents a quantum improvement over flat gaskets or the O-ring in a groove and provides near zero leakage sealing of very complex static comfigurations.

Parker Integral Seals

Second generation Gask-O-Seal.

Resilient Metal Seals

Provide the peformance necessary to handle extreme temperatures, highly corrosive media, zero leakage conditions and exceptionally long life.

Fastener & Fitting Seal Family

Stat-O-Seals, ThredSeals, Lock-O-Seals, and other specialty sealing products available for a variety of applications.


Designed with a pre-calculated interference factor. The cross section free height of the rubber is greater than the metal retainer, providing the proper compression without squeezing the seal beyond its elastic limit.


Self-centering and non-directional; designed to seal directly against threads without any special requirements.


Ideal for sealing small and miniature sizes, the Parker Lock-O-Seal is a two-piece combination seal comprising a separately molded O-ring fitted within a surrounding metal washer.

Retaining Rings

Full line of retaining rings to world standards.

Bonded Seals

Intended to seal the shank of a bolt immediately under the head.