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Wear Rings Product Offering

Wear Rings Product Offering


Parker offers a complete line of wear rings and bearing products to fit any application. Expertise in both engineered hard plastics and in PTFE makes Parker the global leader for reciprocating bearing materials. By incorporating premium material blends with precision machining tolerances (down to ±.001”), Parker meets the full spectrum of needs, from heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders operating under the highest temperatures and pressures to pneumatic applications requiring low friction, long life and self-lubrication. Parker wear rings are the best way to combine high performance with economical value.

Quality Assurance

All Parker wear ring product lines are available from ISO 9000 registered operations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Elgin, Illinois. As such, wear ring production is governed by rigorous quality standards and procedures through a highly trained and qualified workforce. With the assistance of precise, accurate measurement systems and detailed workmanship criteria, Parker delivers first class quality and consistency in every shipment.

Manufacturing Excellence

Parker wear rings utilize a precision manufacturing process that achieves precise flatness on the bearing surfaces, whereas conventional net-molded bearings can form “dog bone” cross-sections. The result is optimal bearing contact area and compressive strength. The cross-sections shown at left illustrate the differences between these manufacturing methods. Additionally, available sizing is not limited to existing tooling. Our processes allow for virtually any width to be produced without assessing a setup charge.