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WB Profile Wear Ring Bulk Strip Material

WB Profile Wear Ring Bulk Strip Material


Filled PTFE bearings are used to guide pistons and rods in cylinders and to provide good radial loading capacity (15 N/mm2 max dynamic). Wear Rings maintain the correct positioning and concentricity of reciprocating or rotating components, thereby eliminating metal to metal hardware contact. By preventing galling, scoring and metal debris generation, Wear Rings improve cylinder hardware and seal life.

Filled PTFE Wear Rings are typically used in cylinders and machinery with requirements for dynamic performance and service life. PTFE materials are well known for their low friction, heat resistance, wide temperature range performance, high chemical resistance and excellent wear characteristics.

Piston and rod applications with oscillating, rotary or helical movement can benefit from the use of Wear Rings. Wear Rings will protect the application against particle contamination damage and dieseling effects, and will provide vibration damping. Use of Wear Rings is meant to ensure low service costs and to support customer warranty assurances.

Many improvements have been added over the years to benefit customer use. Filled PTFE Wear Rings with chamfers make installation easier.


  • Low static and dynamic friction to reduce power loss
  • Eliminates metal to metal hardware contact
  • Maintains tight geometry tolerances: +.001
  • Absorbs bearing loads
  • No stick-slip for precise, smooth control
  • Simple, compact groove design for reduced hardware size
  • Cost effective
  • Good dry-running properties
  • Excellent deformation control
  • Wear resistant
  • Contamination resistant
  • Long service life
  • Vibration damping
  • Easy installation
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