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Way Wipers

Way Wipers

Way wipers protect machine ways from dirt, grinding dust, metal chips, and excess oils for smooth and efficient movement. Ways serve as guides for movable parts on a machine. As the movable parts travel across the ways, they must be kept clean in order for the machine to operate properly. Excess debris can impede maximum performance of a machine’s operation and even cause damage to the ways. To ensure the longevity of the ways and avoid costly repairs, way wipers need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Our way wipers are made from a special blend of polyurethane and require metal chip deflectors only for hot applications and certain hole pattern specifications.

We specialize in way wipers to meet your machine specifications along with our standard series of wipers. A vast range of unique features from multifaceted wiper lip configuration are displayed in the pictures. For your application need, we can vary the raw material hardness and add moly for greater lubrication and lower the coefficient of friction on your machine ways. We can create wiper systems that offer interchangeable parts, such as righthand and left-hand components, intricate corners, molded metal inserts, and metal stiffeners which can be assembled on the wiper. Our cost effective methods, including tooling and machining, will meet the most economical budget. Whether your needs are for 1 or 100 wipers, contact your nearest Zatkoff location for a quotation.

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