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TEKSLIDE® G464 Technical Data

TEKSLIDE® G464 is a Linear Bearing Material used on machine tool ways, transfer lines or any linear-movement application where reduced friction and wear resistance are critical design considerations. In addition to reducing friction and wear, TEKSLIDE® G464 materials increase accuracy, reduce damage caused by mechanical problems and lubrication breakdowns, extend the useful life of mechanical components, save energy and improve stick-slip performances.

TEKSLIDE® G464 is produced by using a very special compression molding process which creates high mechanical properties. The proprietary production process generates a little “wave effect” on the edges of the tapes, which is removed in the final slitting process. This extra technical demand in the production process allows the TEKSLIDE® G464 material to lay flat.

TEKSLIDE® brand has a variety of bronze filled PTFE compounds, each having a unique blend of additional components (inorganic ingredients) produced in accordance to specific market requirements.

TEKSLIDE® features special fillers to satisfy the most arduous applications and is available in a wide choice of colors, such as brown, dark green, light green and blue. The TEKSLIDE® G464 Linear Bearing Material standard is G464 which is green.

With excellent mechanical properties, TEKSLIDE® G464 is perfect for machine tool applications.

These extraordinary materials boast engineered compounds specifically developed for use in linear bearing elements and to avoid metal-to-metal sliding contact. TEKSLIDE® G464 is also self lubricating, and wear resistant, providing low friction, stick-slip free operation, better positioning, accuracy and repeatability, vibration dampening, and long life with minimum wear. They are dimensionally stable, maintenance free and can be operated with or without lubrication.

Advantages of TEKSLIDE® G464

  • Easy, reliable installation and better adhesion
  • Lower wear in the event of dry operation due to poor or failed lubrication
  • Excellent vibration dampening characteristics
  • Increased positional accuracy and repeatability on machine tools
  • High wear resistance ensuring long service life
  • Chemically resistant to aggressive coolants and lubricants
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Compatible with oils, greases and cutting fluids normally associated with machine tools

TEKSLIDE® G464 Linear Bearing System

When installed using very specific, yet easy-to-follow procedures the TEKSLIDE® G464 Linear Bearing System provides an extremely reliable linear bearing surface with lower friction and less wear. The TEKSLIDE® G464 Linear Bearing System consists of three main components:
  • TEKSLIDE®G464 PTFE Linear Bearing Material
  • 3M™ Novec™ Degreaser
  • Z-Slide 2-Part Epoxy adhesive
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