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Rod Seal V6 Profile

Rod Seal V6 Profile


The V6 profile provides a check valve type action for use in cushioning pneumatic cylinders. The V6 profile seals against the cushioning piston or spud, allowing pneumatic pressure to build and cushion the cylinder’s end stroke. Through a series of slots and pedestals the intake flow is then able to easily blow past the cushion seal to fill the cylinder. The installation of the cushion seal is very simple as it manually snaps into the groove recess. The V6 profile is available in proprietary Parker compounds formulated for low friction, extrusion resistance, and high temperature. The V6 profile can be used in a wide variety of NFPA cylinders and will provide excellent performance and long life.

Standard Materials

  • P4622A90
  • N4180A80
  • N4181A80
  • V4208A90

*Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff representative.