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ON Profile, PTFE Rod Cap Seal

ON Profile, PTFE Rod Cap Seal


The Parker ON profile is a bi-directional PTFE rod seal for use in low to medium duty hydraulic systems. The ON profile is a simple two piece design comprised of a standard size Parker O-ring energizing a wear resistant PTFE cap. The ON profile offers long wear and low friction, and because of its short assembly length, requires minimal space in the rod housing. The seal is commonly used in applications such as mobile hydraulics, machine tools, injection molding machines and hydraulic presses. Parker’s ON profile will retrofit non-Parker seals of similar design.

The ON profile may be ordered without the energizer by omitting the energizer code. See part number nomenclature.

Standard Materials

0401 40% bronze-filled PTFE

A 70A Nitrile

Notched Side Walls

Notches can be added to the side walls of the PTFE cap. This can help to optimize the seal’s response to fluid pressure. Notched side walls help ensure that fluid pressure fills the cavity between the side face of the seal and the side face of the seal gland. Consult your local Parker Seal representative for the availability and cost to add side notches to the ON profile.