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ProTech™ Bearing Isolators

ProTech™ Bearing Isolators


Parker developed the unique ProTech design to provide unmatched two-way sealing for zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. This is accomplished by using non-contact labyrinth seal technology. ProTech features the most effective labyrinth design for both dirt exclusion and oil retention and is far superior to isolators that rely on internal O-rings or other internal seals for sealability. If you want more than just an O-ring for bearing protection — step up to ProTech!


Chemical Resistance

Advanced proprietary PTFE compounds mean ProTech is well suited for caustic environments such as citric acids found in juice processing and strong sulfides in pulp and paper processing. ProTech’s superior chemical resistance allows for the standardization of a single material within a plant, eliminating the need to stock duplicate sizes in expensive stainless steel, Hastelloy® or other exotic materials. PTFE is compatible with over 160 chemicals vs. 11 for bronze and 30 for stainless steel.

Food Processing

ProTech’s unique designs and superior performance are “eating the competition’s lunch” in the food processing market. The WD is an economical profile for high volume, disposable equipment such as wash down grade motors and drives. It also greatly reduces maintenance costs and downtime in food processing applications such as picker hubs in poultry processing. Anti- microbial and FDA materials are readily available.

Pumps, Motors and Gearbox

The isolator protection you rely on for protecting bearings in pumps and motors is also available for gearbox applications. ProTech 360 is a hybrid design that incorporates an outboard labyrinth for contaminant exclusion and PTFE lip technology for positive oil retention, even in vertical down applications. ProTech 360 is used by numerous OEMs for their most demanding gearbox applications.