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Clipper Oil Seals

Clipper Oil Seals


The Clipper Oil Seal is the anchor of the rotary seal product line. The Clipper design features an integrally molded rubber fiber outer case and an elastomeric seal lip. The unique, nonmetallic construction will not rust or corrode and forms a gasket-type seal between the equipment housing and the seal outside diameter (OD). With a wide range of profiles and material options, Clipper seals are available for shaft diameters from 0.250” (6.35 mm) to over 65” (1651 mm).

Clipper Split Seals are known worldwide for being the easiest split seal to install because they do not require a coverplate to keep them in the housing. The robust, composite OD provides the best retention of any split seal on the market. Replacing failed seals in the field with Clipper Split Seals saves on downtime and lost production expenses. To make replacement even easier, specify Clipper solid seals as the OEM solid seal. When cutting a metallic seal is required for in-field replacement, there is the the possibility of metal shavings entering the bearing. The non-metallic design of the Clipper seal eliminates this possibility.


  • Single Lip LUP, RUP
  • Double Lip LDS
  • Large Diameter MIST, STLUP
  • Medium Pressure MP
  • High Pressure HP
  • Clipper Split Seal
  • Custom Designs
  • Wipers H & P
  • High Misalignment LUPW, LDSW
  • PTFE Bonded to Elastomer Lip