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Oil Seals

Oil Seals


DS Excluders are designed for internal deflection of heavy oil surges or external exclusion of dust or spray. SSW Excluders are similar to V-Seal except they are press fit on shaft for heavy duty applications

Clipper Oil Seals

The unique, nonmetallic construction will not rust or corrode and forms a gasket-type seal between the equipment housing and the seal outside diameter (OD).

Rotary V-Seals

Flexible shaft and bearing seal. Fits on the shaft and seals axially against the counterface.

Quick Sleeves & Wear Sleeves

Quick Sleeves are chrome-plated stainless steel with a removable flange. Wear Sleeves are offered in both flanged and non-flanged configurations.

Radial Oil Seals

Parker Oil Seals provide additional coverage and include the common metal OD construction for inch requirement and rubber covered OD construction for metric requirements.

ProTech™ Bearing Isolators

ProTech Bearing Isolators offer superior protection even in harsh operating environments.