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Teflon® Thread Seal Tape

Teflon® Thread Seal Tape


Made from durable virgin Teflon®. Teflon® Thread Seal Tape can be wound around threads of any metal, plastic or rubber pipes to provide leak-free joints that will never freeze or harden with age.

Extra Thick High Density

Offering a sure seal with less wraps. Our high density (1.20 x 11.30), .0035 thick tape is made from DuPont Virgin Teflon®, is UL approved, meets MIL-T-27730A specifications, is recognized by the National Sanitation Foundation, and is approved by NASA and Bureau of Ships. Ideal for industrial applications that demand top of the line quality. Our extra thick, high density thread seal tape even seals on stainless or coarse threads.

1/4 x 520 and 1/2 x 520 normally available from stock.

How To Apply

Wrap one turn of the tape around the pipe or bolt thread. Start tape 1/8” from ends of threads. Pull tight while wrapping to stretch down onto the thread contours. When tape reaches starting end, stretch the unapplied length until it breaks. Press down the broken end. Stretching makes it tacky enough to hold. Screw threads together firmly. They will seal tightly, but will not “freeze.” Pipe or bolt can be turned without difficulty.


  • Manufactured From Virgin DuPont Teflon®
  • Approved For Oxygen Service
  • Thickness .0032 + .0002
  • Density .700
  • Plastic Spool and Shell