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Rod Boots

Rod Boots


Sewn construction is still one of the best and most flexible processes in the manufacture of protective covers. Sewn bellows offer the greatest variety of materials, as well as the best possible extended retracted ratios. Sewn bellows are available without set up charges or tooling cost making them ideal for cover solutions in low quantity lots.


  • Non-Metallic Duct or Bellow Type Expansion Joints
  • Accordion Bellows & Way Covers
  • Sewn Bellows and Way Covers
  • Folded Sewn Bellow Way Covers
  • Ball Screw Bellows
  • Linear Bearing Way Covers
  • Stock Bellows & Way Cover Kits
  • Ball Screw, Ball Bushing and Ball Spline Covers
  • Stock Rod Boots
  • Linear Rail Covers

Note: Customized sizes are available for special equipment and new products. Contact your nearest Zatkoff sales office for details.
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