ParFab™ Extruded & Spliced Profile

ParFab™ Extruded & Spliced Profile

ParFab™ Extruded & Spliced Profile


The Parker TechSeal Division JBL Operations produces a wide range of “standard” and “custom” extruded products fabricated from a variety of “Sealing Grade” material formulations. This section contains a listing of standard extruded profiles used to fabricate spliced rings, gaskets or long length bulk footage on a spool or coiled for customer fabrication.

Extruded and Spliced/Fabricated Products are made utilizing a hot vulcanization process to provide spliced rings and custom gaskets from either “standard” or “custom” cross-sectional profiles. TechSeal’s precision extruded and spliced products offer an ideal, cost effective sealing solution for many applications. These include low-closure force seals, large diameter profiles that cannot be molded, or requirements for hollow O-rings, non-standard solid O-rings, and other extruded profiles with an inside diameter larger than 1.500” (38.1mm).” All TechSeal extruded and spliced parts are “Hot Vulcanized,” and provide the designer with a tremendous amount of flexibility and can be attached/assembled into grooves or onto flat surfaces.

Long Length Extrusions are typically supplied on cardboard or plastic spools, or free-coiled in lengths of up to 5000 feet depending upon cross-section.

Extruded Profile Availability

TechSeal offers many standard extruded profiles in Solid & Hollow-O, Solid & Hollow-D, UChannel, Rectangular, Solid & Hollow Square, and Hollow-Dart configurations. These profiles are typically used for fabrication into spliced rings or custom gaskets; they also can be supplied in bulk cord. See pages 2-15 through 2-20 for a complete listing of standard profiles and groove recommendations.

Material Availability

Please refer to page 2-13 for TechSeal’s standard material offering of our most commonly used compounds. Please contact the nearest Zatkoff location if you have a requirement for a material other than those listed. Tech- Seal offers a broad range of materials for many different markets. Many TechSeal compounds meet or exceed specialty grade standards set by the UL, ASTM, Military, FDA, USP Class VI, NSF and other agencies.

TechSeal ParFab - Product Types

ParFab products contained in this catalog or any custom extruded profile can be supplied as:
  • Spliced Rings (Hollow and Solid)
  • 4-corner PSA-backed spliced “picture frame” gaskets
  • Custom fabricated gaskets
  • Cut-to-length product
  • Bulk cord with or without PSA - coiled or spooled

Please contact your nearest Zatkoff location for part number assignment for all nonstandard a cross-sections for spliced or fabricated parts.

Seal Attachment Options

TechSeal Extruded Profiles can be attached to customer’s hardware with several attachment options. The more common forms are:
  • Standard O-Ring Type Groove
  • Groove for Friction-Fit Seal
  • Dovetail Groove
  • PSA Backed Extrusions
  • Hardware Captured
  • Press Fit into Notch
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