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Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Molded Rubber


Our precision molded parts, will become critical components in their end use with the emphasis on performance, where selection of materials and design concepts are critical.

Our rubber formulations encompass the entire range of synthetic materials, from common nitriles, through the specialized fluoroelastomers and silicones for demanding part applications.

We have the ability to tailor our production to meet the criteria for a special part. Compression molding is available for bulky parts with relatively thick cross sections. Transfer molding offers a wider variation in mold construction and enables us to easily meet the designer’s specifications on many critical molded shapes. Injection molding is used for fast production of large volume requirements.

Mold parting lines, gates, flash, and other conditions introduced in the molding process must be compensated for in the part design. Undercuts, fragile projections, radii, holes and tolerances should receive special consideration in order to control costs. The type of rubber and its hardness will determine the production methods to be used and will ultimately affect costs.

Visualizing the part in the mold and considering how it will be removed will enable you to anticipate difficulties in molding. Obviously, difficult to produce parts carry higher costs. It is not uncommon to select a more complex style of mold construction in order to simplify part production. The one-time higher tooling cost is easily offset with a long term economy in the production of parts.


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