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Continuous Molding O-Rings

Continuous Molding O-Rings


Historically, technology to produce large diameter molded O-Rings has been limited by press and molding capabilities. Parker’s properietary continuous molding technology ensures the strength and reliability of large diameter FKM, HNBR, NBR and EPDM O-Ring seals. Parker’s solution eliminates the sealing performance problems sometimes found with common serpentine molding methods and spliced rings.

Spliced O-Rings are a good solution for many non-critical applications. Potentially, they may be the weakest at their glued or vulcanized joints. It’s physical properties, which differ to some degree from the rest of the ring, can affect a seals reliability. A twisted or fatigued splice, for example, can open, creating failure, leakage and contamination issues.

Our homogenous molding technology is recommended for use in any large diameter O-Ring. Groove where spliced or serpentine molded rings - may present realiability issues. It has applications in virtually every market including: aerospace, chemical processing, energy oil and gas (EOG), industrial, semiconduction processing and many others.


  • Large chambers, vessels, lids, doors and containers where spliced O-Rings or serpentine rings may present reliability issues.
  • Vacuum, high pressure and speciality semi-dynamic applications.
  • Anywhere the strength and integrity of homogeneous molded rings are critical for reliable seal performance.

Features and Advantages

  • Consistent properties throughout the diameter of the ring.
  • Easier more reliable installation versus serpentine molded rings.
  • Reduced potential contamination of leakage through spliced joints.
  • Material choices include basic FKM, HNBR, NBR and EPDM materials.