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Braided Packings for Pumps & Valves

Braided Packings for Pumps & Valves


In this section we offer a description of our non-asbestos braided packings. Our commitment is to supply products that are safe, reliable, long lasting and easy to install. These braided packings have many unique and outstanding characteristics to ensure a broader range of sealing acceptance and to meet your critical requirements, applications and environments.
  • Reliable compression packing materials
  • Advanced multi-blend materials 
  • Lower shaft wear
  • Reduced running friction
  • Resistance to extrusion
  • Wide system fluid compatibility

In addition to the styles and materials shown, new styles are constantly being considered. Research and development of new materials and unique high performance fibers are constantly being tested and evaluated to perform effectively in rigorous end-use applications.

For more information on how Zatkoff can solve a wide range of sealing problems please contact your nearest Zatkoff sales office.


Ramie – extremely low frictional characteristics where minimal shaft wear is essential. Rot resistant and ideal for marine use.

Synthetic – excellent multi-service packing for a wide variety of uses throughout a plant.

PTFE – the first widely used synthetic material. Offers wide Ph and temperature range with broad fluid compatibility.

Carbon – type packing is similar to Graphite in capability. Lower in cost than Graphite with slightly reduced performance in all areas.

Graphite – materials are preferred for use in very high temperatures and high shaft speeds. Wide fluid compatibility. Excellent heat dissipation.

Glass – packing uses textured fiberglass filaments with or without wire inserted reinforcement. Excellent for use as high temperature packing and as a replacement for asbestos.

Standard Packaging

  • 1# Spools
  • 5# Spools
  • 10# Spools
  • 25# Spools 
  • 50# Reels
  • 100# Reels
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