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January 06, 2021

RWS Seal Guards

These Seal-Guards are easy to install and can operate at temperatures ranging from -45°F to +250°F (-43°C to +121°C). Each contains two staggered, wear compensating flexible bronze rings encased in a synthetic rubber cushion.

EMI Shielding & Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Devices

Today’s medical devices have become increasingly complex. As a result, engineers need advanced solutions to protect those devices. Both electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI) and thermal interface materials (TIM) are utilized in a variety of medical applications.

Dependable Solutions for Appliance Assembly Challenges

3MTM produces tapes, adhesives, and other technologies used in various home appliances, including refrigerators, washers and dryers, and ovens. These solutions help to reduce noise and attach, secure, and stabilize parts.

Integrated Gasket Solutions

Combining the power of scanners, a knife cutter, and other manufacturing technologies, we are able to replicate parts out of a sample of unknown materials and dimensions — no product specification required.


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3M™ Ultra Clear Double Coated Tapes UCT-30 and UCT-50 both come with a polyester (PET) carrier as well as two PET liners for dimensional stability. As a 3M™ Select Converter, Zatkoff Manufacturing converts and laminates this product to various substrates.

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As an early, proactive response to the global supply chain crisis that manufacturers are facing, Zatkoff has strengthened our inventory to over $25 million. Learn how our boosted safety stock and valued employees have successfully safeguarded our processes and ensured that our customers can maintain operational continuity.

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At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we offer an incredible inventory of PolyPak® Seals, with the largest stock of PolyPaks® in the United States. Offering nearly 200,000 in-stock standard P4615A90 Molythane parts, our inventory is hugely advantageous for our customers.

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