RWT065 PTFE Rod Scraper Rings Eliminate Rod Scoring

October 15, 2019

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we take pride in our high-performing products that deliver optimal results for the long term. In line with this commitment to deliver the best sealing solutions, our scraper rings were made to outperform its traditional rod scraper ring counterparts.

Our RWT065 PTFE Rod Scraper Rings are designed to scrape excess quantities of oil from the hydraulic cylinder rods of an engine. With the ability to prevent that oil from entering the combustion chamber and burning, RWT065 scraper rings effectively eliminate the potential for rod scoring, or pitting, which significantly reduces the service life of the product. Further, the rod can effectively be cleaned because the rings maintain 100% contact.

The controlled break out friction associated with conventional MS Metal Scrapers is negligible with RWT065 Rod Scrapers. These scraper rings can also be used within a range of temperatures from -450°F to +300°F(-268°C to +149°C).

Our RWT065 products are considered directly interchangeable with the MS28776 Scraper Ring which are made of copper based alloys and were designed to absorb high impact materials such as landing gear. The product’s dimensions also comply with design standards for MS33675 and assembly may be installed in either a one-piece or two-part gland.

There are multiple material selections available for RWT065 PTFE Rod Scraper Rings, including ET000, ET009, and ET001. Contact your local Zatkoff Seals representative for assistance with material selection specific to your application.

Available Material Sections

Material Number Material Description
Stock Standard
Virgin Unfilled PTFE that works best with General Purpose Fluid Power Applications
Non-Stock Standard
Virgin PTFE with Carbon and Graphite added
Non-Stock Standard
Premium Quality Modified Unfilled Virgin PTFE with Turquoise Color, Specifically Processed to Provide Excellent Wear and Extrusion Resistance in Fluid Power Seal Applications

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At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, our forward-thinking approach to sealing challenges helps us exceed customer expectations. Our RWT065 PTFE Rod Scraper Rings enhance sealing performance in hydraulic applications while eliminating costly rod scoring that considerably shortens a seal’s service life. Contact us today to discuss your particular application needs, and to learn more about how the RWT065 scraper rings can help your business.


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