Parker Diamond Seal Delivers Exceptional Sealing Performance

April 09, 2019

Press-In-Place seals, including the Parker Diamond Seal™, are customized with self-retaining characteristics and are known for their excellent sealing properties. These innovative seals can be manufactured in most compounds and reduce housing machine costs with a particularly easy installation and rapid assembly. They are custom designed to fit into both standard and complex groove patterns, thus requiring minimum packaging space because the Press-in-Place Seals are molded to match typical groove layouts.


  • Excellent self-retention properties
  • Easily installation for rapid assembly
  • Can be manufactured in most compounds
  • Narrow/tall cross section provides excellent sealing capabilities requiring minimum packaging space
  • High sealing pressures for less microleakage and better sealing properties with non-ideal mating surfaces
  • Low seal load provides effective sealing even when mating components are easily deflected
  • Narrow, straight-walled groove width requirement allows more room for other components
  • Optimal material usage provides a cost-efficient sealing solution
  • Seal retention is achieved through the use of “press-in-place” design technology

Press-In-Place seals are characterized by many advantages, with notable sealing performance for electronic enclosures and consumer products. The Parker Diamond Seal™ achieves its optimal seal retention due to the use of innovative “press-in-place” design technology.

Hardware Requirements

  • Groove deeper than wide, aspect ratio typically ~0.7:1
    • Larger tolerances drive larger grooves & seals
  • Draft angle <1° per side.
  • Surface finish: 63 µin (1.6µm) Ra typical.
  • Machined, as-cast and molded grooves.
  • Die checking, machining steps, etc. should be as small as practical for optimum sealing, ideally <0.25 mm in height

Typical Groove Sizes

typical groove sizes

Assembly Instructions

Zatkoff's innovative sealing technology helps the Press-In-Place seals achieve optimal seal retention, thus eliminating seal-related warranty issues due to pinched or missing seals. Press-In-Place Seals also reduce housing machining costs, and offer a quick and easy installation.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we are committed to offering the best sealing solutions across applications. Our time-tested Press-In-Place seals include Parker’s patented Diamond Seal™ as part of that commitment to deliver exceptional products for the long term. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our Press-In-Place Seals today.


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