Zatkoff Validates Reliable, Cost-Effective Sealing Performance of Press-In-Place Seal with FEA Testing

November 13, 2018


Zatkoff's Press-In-Place seals are custom designed to fit into complex groove patterns and tight packaging spaces with the potential to seal multiple ports with just one seal. Characterized by excellent sealing properties, these seals are designed to withstand a variety of environments, fluids, pressures, and temperatures and reduce micro leakage. With particular advantages in a wide range of applications that include electronic enclosures, engine seals, and consumer products, Press-In-Place seals, like Parker's patented Diamond Seal™, offer optimal material usage.

Finite Element Analysis

To ensure the reliable sealing performance of Zatkoff's Press-In-Places seals when mating imperfect surfaces, Zatkoff commissioned a third-party source to conduct a finite element analysis (FEA) during the development process. The FEA performed critical testing to evaluate material performance under a wide range of conditions and validated the optimal sealing retention and performance of Zatkoff's Press-In-Press seals.

This testing also streamlines FDA approvals as the modelling results from the on-screen visual simulations used during testing demonstrate sufficient validation of materials and processes for the 510(k) submission. As seen in the video shown here, our FEA provided verification of the overall efficiency of Zatkoff's Press-In-Place seals while improving the speed and quality of the product design.

Ease of Installation

Zatkoff's innovative sealing technology helps the Press-In-Place seals achieve optimal seal retention, thus eliminating seal-related warranty issues due to pinched or missing seals. Press-In-Place Seals also reduce housing machining costs, and offer a quick and easy installation. In the video shown here, we demonstrate how easy it is to assemble Press-In-Place seals in various capacities.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional sealing solutions to our customers. In conducting a finite element analysis on Zatkoff's Press-In-Place seals, we ensure optimal sealing performance from reliable, cost-effective products. Contact us to learn more about how our Press-In-Place Seals can help your business today.


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