Clutch System
Optimum Oil Seal Design

Power Transmission

Clutch systems transfer power from the engine of a vehicle to its transmission. These systems are sealed by a rubber OD oil seal. A Zatkoff customer experienced a dilemma in which the seal could not be easily installed, due to interference between its rubber OD and the metal housing. The customer decided to apply grease on the OD of the seal in order to facilitate installation, which allowed for the desired process; however, it caused the system to fail due to unwanted oil leakage.

Zatkoff helped by troubleshooting the issue and discovered that the sealing component was spinning with the shaft, due to low interference with the metal housing provoked by the newly applied grease. Zatkoff redesigned the oil seal in order to achieve optimum installation and performance at the same time. The new seal design is composed of a ribbed rubber OD with grease pre-applied to its ID. This design reduced the clutch system assembly time by facilitation installation, improved sealability due to better seal OD/metal housing interference and increased the system’s longevity, since the pre-applied grease maintained the sealing lip integrity for a longer period of time.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings successfully supported its customer by increasing the performance of their product while reducing their total cost of ownership. The company has been operating for 60 years, assisting customers with developing sealing solutions for a broad range applications.