Large Seal Enclosure
100 ft. Press-In-Place with Overlapping Ends


A transportation manufacturer was designing a series of new transmissions and turned to Zatkoff for assistance in determining the best sealing solution for its application. Selecting a standard sealing package would have been cost prohibitive, because the transmission cases contained different groove designs, which would have required multiple seals. Furthermore, the customer needed to launch to market quickly.

Together with its partner, Parker Hannifin, Zatkoff developed an extruded 100 ft. Press-In-Place seal with overlapping ends that could be cut to any length. This revolutionary sealing solution fit multiple transmission case grooves, allowed for a one-time, low tooling investment, and provided a quicker seal lead time.

This Press-In-Place solution not only improved speed to market, but it also eliminated procurement complexity, while reducing the total cost of ownership.