Maintenance & Repair Kits
Robotic Kitting Solution


Aviation companies are under constant pressure to provide timely and flawless product delivery to meet the high demands of their industry. Airline technicians at airports around the world frequently use component repair kits to minimize downtime and ensure product accuracy. However, traditional methods for kitting components are prone to errors and inconsistencies, including extra parts, missing parts, and incorrectly sized parts. Although this type of issue may be tolerated in other markets, the stringent quality standards of the aerospace industry demand accuracy. Each error occurrence would deem the entire shipment unusable, resulting in product rejection, maintenance interruption, quality fines, and flight delays.

As a leader in sealing technologies, Zatkoff Seals & Packings is committed to partnering with aviation companies to make the aerospace market safer and more reliable by offering innovative solutions. To achieve this goal, Zatkoff developed an advanced solution that allows individual parts to be selected by a robot that is equipped with sensors and cameras to ensure part grip and accuracy. Once confirmed, the part is placed into a custom labeled pouch and heat sealed. In order to meet the customer’s unique specifications, the system was specifically designed to place one part into each pouch, with eighteen connected pouches being placed into each repair kit. Kits are then verified, counted, and AS9120 certified.

Zatkoff’s state-of-the-art robotic kitting solution reduced downtime, eliminated quality fines, and improved efficiency. By utilizing this system critical errors were avoided, minimizing damaging and costly consequences for our customer.