ZAP>IT Yields a Greater Number of Inventory Turns for Customers

January 15, 2019

Cleveland Branch Visits ZAP>IT Customer

Congratulations to our Cleveland branch for adding 57 parts to the ZAP>IT inventory management system of a Fortune 500 company customer, while maintaining several hundred current bin parts. This recent achievement was executed to meet our customer’s inventory turns goal. It was also a great opportunity for our team to deliver the ZAP>IT year-end report, which quantifies how many dollars were actually saved this year by utilizing our system. The team was able to meet with our valued customer to effectively review and evaluate the inventory metrics against the current business trends.

For over two decades, we have been supplying customers with high-quality parts through our proprietary ZAP>IT inventory management system that consistently delivers a superior level of service to our customers.

  • Customized system and labels
  • Integration with current inventory management system
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Online ordering or automated EDI
  • 60-day dedicated stock inventory
  • Competitive pricing based on stock level requirements
  • Automated order and shipment confi rmations
  • Customized summary invoicing
  • Quarterly program management reports
  • Flexible customization even after implementation

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we have been using our proprietary ZAP>IT inventory management system with hundreds of customers since the very first implementation in 1996. The innovative system has matured throughout the years, with technological advancements that include the transition from using a hard phone line to Internet connection, that allows for batch scanning processes. Today, ZAP>IT works as a re-engineered comprehensive, interactive system between our customers’ and our own ERP platforms.

“Our goal has never changed since the early days. The ZAP>IT system was initially developed to improve the flow of information between two companies by improving supply chain efficiency and managing downstream inventory to match consumer demands — and avoid production disruption. This seems challenging when analyzing business cycles, along with the cyclical indicators, but it’s achievable with the use of our ZAP>IT system.” says Gary Zatkoff, President.

We have important tools and systems that work in combination with various inventory analytics which allow us to provide critical assistance to our customers. We are able to minimize the risks related to having too much inventory during a downturn, which are then balanced with the challenges of maintaining enough inventory in the early stages of market recovery.

To maintain this desired level of success in the business cycle phases, we have always provided our ZAP>IT customers with measurement reports. Together with our clients, we are better able to analyze the findings, and, in turn, exceed their expectations for inventory turns that require us to maintain the proper levels of inventory throughout the supply chain. This is possible even as the rate-of-change accelerates through the various business cycles given the efficiency of the ZAP>IT system.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we are committed to providing customized solutions that help you grow your business. With our proprietary ZAP>IT inventory management system, we continue to enhance the processes that our customers use to manage their stock inventory. To learn more about the ZAP>IT system, contact your local Zatkoff representative.


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