Sealing Solutions with SKF CR Seals®

April 27, 2021

SKF CR Seals® are known for their outstanding performance across many applications, and have one of the longest histories in the sealing industry. Zatkoff Seals & Packings is an SKF Seals Distributor, offering a comprehensive line of catalog and custom parts in a variety of materials and coordinated engineering support.

Radial Shaft Seals

Radial shaft seals support greater uptime in a variety of applications.

SKF Wave

Oil Applications

SKF Wave is a trusted solution used in oil applications across industries, protecting rotating equipment in even the harshest environments. SKF Wave products feature lips molded in a sinusoidal wave pattern onto a case with a metal OD to reduce shaft wear and cut down on energy consumption.

SKF Edge

Oil Applications

SKF Edge products meet ISO and DIN standards, consisting of a rubber OD with specially designed seal lips to prevent downtime. Offering three times the pump rate or other solutions, SKF Edge extends service life and handles both dynamic runout and shaft-to-bore misalignment.

HM Seals

Grease Applications

HM series grease seals have been a trusted solution amongst engineers for decades. These seals divert contamination away from critical bearings and were developed to withstand a grease purge when the lip is pointing toward the air side.

SKF Flex Seals

Heavy Industrial Applications

The SKF Flex series includes heavy-duty, metal-cased, and rubber seals for heavy industrial applications. These seals are customizable to accommodate any shaft or bore size over 4 in (100 mm).

Cassette Seals

Oil Applications

The advanced SKF Wave lip technology is used for all SKF Scotseals. Scotseals include a multi-lip seal, an integrated wear sleeve, and high-performance elastomeric materials.

Axial Shaft Seals

As their name indicates, SKF axial shaft seals were designed to seal axially against a counterface perpendicular to the shaft or pin.

V-Ring Seals

SKF V-Ring seals offer a simple-to-install solution for rotating shaft applications, including for uses as a secondary seal in highly-contaminated environments.

Metal Faced Seals

SKF metal faced seals were originally developed for severe conditions and low speeds that impact off-road and tracked vehicles, but have proven equally useful in applications exposed to sand, soil, mud, water, and more.

Axial Excluder Seals

The CT1 axial seal is a split seal that can be clamped to a housing, with a sealing lip that runs on a rotating face and excludes contaminants. CT1 axial seals can be cut to any size, from 6 in (152 mm) to over 300 in (7620 mm).

CR Seals provide superior reliability and performance by retaining lubricants, excluding contaminants, and maintaining seal integrity under pressure. Learn more about SKF CR Seals® solutions by downloading our brochure.


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