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March 03, 2020

Benefits of Quad® Brand Seals

Zatkoff Seals & Packings offers the Minnesota Rubber & Plastics family of standard and custom molded Quad® Brand Seals that provide exceptional sealing performance across various applications.

Benefits of Quad® Brand Seals

  1. Twice the sealing surface: Quad-Ring® Brand Seals have a unique four-lobe design to provide two sealing surfaces, offering greater protection as an ID, OD, or face seal.
  2. Lower friction: Less squeeze is required to maintain a seal with the Quad-Ring® Brand Seals, meaning less friction, which is important in dynamic applications.
  3. Extrusion resistance: Unique cross-section of the seal resists spiral twisting that can cause conventional O-rings to rupture.
  4. Reduced leakage: Where O-rings have parting lines on the sealing surface, these lines lie between the lobes in Quad-Ring® Brand Seals, eliminating leakage problems.
  5. Longer life: Reduced squeeze also extends the seal longevity and requires less maintenance.
  6. Versatile: Available in the same standard sizes as O-rings, Quad-Ring® Brand Seals have proven successful in a variety of seal applications.

Groove Design for Static & Non-Rotary Dynamic Applications

Recommended Starting Dimensions

  Cross-Section Dynamic Recommended Gland Depth “C” Static Recommended Gland Depth “C” Axial Groove Width “D” Groove Eccentricity (TIR)
Ring Size in mm in mm in mm in
in mm
Q4004 - Q4050 0.070 ±0.003 1.78 ±0.08 0.061 1.55 0.056 1.42 0.080 2.03 0.002 0.05
Q4102 - Q4178 0.103 ±0.003 2.62 ±0.08 0.094 2.39 0.089 2.26 0.115 2.92 0.002 0.05
Q4201 - Q4284 0.139 ±0.004 3.53 ±0.10 0.128 3.25 0.122 3.10 0.155 3.94 0.003 0.08
Q4309 - Q4395 0.210 ±0.005 5.33 ±0.13 0.196 4.98 0.188 4.78 0.240 6.10 0.004 0.10
Q4425 - Q4475 0.275 ±0.006 6.99 ±0.15 0.256 6.50 0.244 6.20 0.310 7.87 0.005 0.13

Zatkoff offers the following types of Quad® Brand Seals:

Modified Quad‑Ring® Brand Seals
Quad‑O‑Dyn® Brand Seals
Quad‑Bon® Brand Seals
Quad‑Kup® Brand Seals
Quad®‑O‑Stat Brand Seals
Quad® P.E. Plus Brand Seals

Quad® Brand Seal Family products are available in nitrile and fluoroelastomer materials. Should your application require other elastomers, Zatkoff Seals & Packings will help you select the right material and custom mold it to the application’s requirements and specifications. Contact us to discuss your needs.


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