Parker’s THERM-A-GAP™ GEL 8010 & GEL 30

January 29, 2019

High Performance, Fully-Cured Dispensable Gels

Parker's THERM-A-GAP™ GEL 8010 & GEL 30 are Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) that eliminate time-consuming hand assembly, decrease installation costs, reduce manufacturing and purchasing complexity, provide less down time to the end user and increase the lifetime of the application.

Application of Thermal Interface Materials

Heat generated by a semiconductor must be removed to the ambient environment to maintain the junction temperature of the component within safe operating limits. Often this heat removal process involves conduction from a package surface to a heat spreader that can more efficiently transfer the heat to the ambient environment. The spreader has to be carefully joined to the package to minimize the thermal resistance of this newly formed thermal joint.

Attaching a heat spreader to a semiconductor package surface requires that two commercial grade surfaces be brought into an intimate contact. These surfaces are usually characterized by a microscopic surface roughness superimposed on a macroscopic non-planarity that can give the surfaces a concave, convex or twisted shape. When two such surfaces are joined, contact occurs only at the high points. The low points form air-filled voids, which represent a significant resistance to heat flow.

What are Thermal Interface Materials?

Thermally conductive materials are used to eliminate these interstitial air gaps from the interface by conforming to rough and uneven mating surfaces. Because the TIM has a greater thermal conductivity than the air it replaces, the resistance across the joint decreases, and the component junction temperature will be reduced. A variety of materials have been developed in response to the changing needs of electronic packaging applications. The THERM-A-GAP™ gels have proved to be an outstanding solution to this market.


Product Features

  • Thin bond line gel (2-10 mils)
  • Low thermal impedance
  • Stencil printable with no pump out
  • Ideal for high-volume dispensing
  • Proven long-term reliability


Product Features

  • Accommodates a variety of bond line thicknesses
  • High bulk thermal conductivity
  • Excellent performance-to-price
  • Compatible with high-volume, automated dispense processes

These unique gel materials result in much lower mechanical stress on delicate components than even the softest gap-filling pads. They are ideal for filling variable gaps between multiple components and a common heat sink. Thermal gels are silicone-based formulations that are loaded with conductive fillers and are cross-linked to form a low-modulus paste. They are highly conformable and provide low thermal impedance like greases, but are designed to overcome the pump-out and dry-out issues of grease.

Additional benefits of THERM-A-GAP™ GEL 8010 & GEL 30:

  • Provide low thermal impedance at thin and thick gaps, allowing use of common heat spreaders.
  • Proven reliability in extreme temperature cycling and shock/vibration.
  • Deflect easily under very low compressive forces, decreasing stress on components; thus decreasing component failures and increasing its lifetime.

Zatkoff proudly carries inventory of the THERM-A-GAP™ gels and many other Parker products. Contact us to learn more about how these thermal gels can help your business.


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