Parker V1226-75 O-Rings Offer Consistent Performance

July 19, 2018


Performance issues often arise even when the same type of FPM-75 O-ring is used in equal applications. Differences in physical and chemical properties caused by inconsistent compounding and processing trigger these performance issues. To solve this, we utilize Parker's V1226-75 O-rings.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we consistently deliver the latest innovative products that provide high-quality solutions for our customers. Our extensive inventory of Parker V1226-75 O-rings includes more than a half million in-stock parts so our customers have full access to these high-performing products no matter the size, coating, or marking requirement.

Parker's Fluorocarbon (FKM, FPM) O-rings are compatible with oils and gases, hydraulic oil, and fuels, and are characterized by an exceptional resistance to high temperatures, as well as ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics, and many organic solvents and chemicals. Low-temperature resistance for static applications is limited to approximately -15°F (-26°C). Given certain dynamic conditions, the lowest service temperature is between 5°F and 0°F (-15°C and -18°C). Gas permeability is very low and similar to that of butyl rubber, while special FKM compounds demonstrate notable resistance to acids and fuels.

We not only maintain an impressive V1226-75 inventory, but we also provide all available common variations of the V1226-75 AS568 standard sizes. Compliance with this widely-used standard for O-ring usage in sealing and other applications allows full material availability of V1226 O-rings for widespread use across multiple industries. These industries include general industrial, military and commercial aerospace, heavy duty and on highway trucking, and automotive.

Product Features

  • Heat Resistance & Cold Flexibility
    • Minimum working temperature: -15°F (-26°C)
    • Down to -15°F (-26°C)
    • Maximum working temperature: 400°F (204°C)
    • Up to 400°F (204°C) and higher temperatures with shorter life expectancy
  • Chemical Resistance
    • Mineral oil and grease, ASTM oil No. 1, and IRM 902 and IRM 903 oils
    • Non-flammable hydraulic fluids (HFD)
    • Silicone oil and grease
    • Mineral and vegetable oil and grease
    • Aliphatic hydrocarbons (butane, propane, natural gas)
    • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene)
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride)
    • Gasoline (including high alcohol content)
  • High Vacuum
  • Very Good Ozone, Weather & Aging Resistance
  • Used for low compression set, AMS 7276, AMS-R-82485, UL listed
  • Certifications
    • MIL-G-21569, Class 1
    • MIL-P-82745
    • UL Listed
  • Not Compatible With
    • Glycol based brake fluids
    • Ammonia gas, amines, alkalis
    • Superheated steam
    • Low molecular weight organic acids (formic and acetic acids)

Underwriters' Laboratories Approved Services

Underwriters' Laboratories — JMLU2 — Gaskets and Seals

Fire Extinguishing Agents A
Gasoline B
Gasoline/Alcohol Blends * C
Naptha or Kerosene D
MFG or Natural Gas F
Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil G
Heated Fuel Oil H
Anhydrous Ammonia I
LP-Gas J
Laundry Detergent L
Dishwashing Detergents M
Suitable Use in UL1081
Suitable Use in UL262 Applications
Suitable for UL25 Gasket Applications
Dry Chemical Carbon Dioxide Water

* Contact Zatkoff Seals & Packings for specific ratios of alcohol (methyl and/or ethyl) and gasoline.

Note: Material certifications are subject to change. Please contact Zatkoff Seals & Packings for more information.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we are proud to manage an extensive inventory of V1226-75 O-rings as well as our extensive stock of Parker's other innovative products. As Parker persists in developing the industry's best O-rings and elastomeric seals, we are committed to ensuring your premium access to them.

Contact us today to learn more about Parker V1226-75 O-rings or any other products of interest.


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