Parker ProTech™ Bearing Isolators from Zatkoff

April 07, 2020

Parker’s ProTech™ bearing isolators are unitized two-piece, dynamic seals. The permanently assembled rotor and stator utilize labyrinth technology allowing for lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion while providing zero shaft wear. Standard designs are available to handle both light oil splash up to flooded conditions.

  • Shaft size range:
    • Standard sizes of 0.50” to 18.00”
  • Speed range:
    • PTFE rotor/stator designs up to 5,000 ft/min
    • Metallic (Bronze or Steel) designs up to 7,000 ft/min
  • Pressure capability:
    • FS and FN profiles rated to 5 psi
    • Remaining profiles rated for 0 psi
  • Proprietary PTFE compounds including FDA compliant materials
  • Independently tested by UL for IEEE 841 and IPXX (Ingress Protection) from IP55 to IP69
  • Custom designs available for unique equipment dimensions and special operating conditions:
    • SG profile made for “shaft grounding” to control stray VFD electrical currents
    • Grease purge designs
    • Large diameter custom profiles used in Hydro Power Generation

Benefits of ProTech™ Bearing Isolators:

  • True non-contact seal which virtually eliminates torque consumption, making it an energy-efficient design
  • Excellent chemical resistance and chemical compatibility provided by a PTFE rotor and stator and a wide array of o-ring compounds
  • Superior bearing protection, even in harsh environments
  • Two-piece unitized construction resulting in zero contamination ingress and zero lubricant leakage
  • No lubrication required due to the non-contact design
  • Smooth installation provided by the o-ring press fit on the shaft and bore
  • Precision machined which eliminates tooling charges and allows retrofit of most shaft and bore size combinations
  • Reduction in production loss and down time due to the superior life span of the seal (no internal sealing elements to wear out)

ProTech™ bearing isolators provide reliable two-way sealing protection for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Electric Motors
  • Pump OEM
  • Hydro Power Generation
  • Other Markets:
    • Mineral Processing Equipment
    • Paper Processing Equipment
    • Food Processing Equipment
    • Equipment Rebuilders

Zatkoff offers Parker ProTech™ bearing isolators to our customers. Learn more by contacting your local Zatkoff representative.


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