Kalrez ® Custom Made Parts Make Our Customers More Effective

June 02, 2017


At Zatkoff Seals and Packings we are always looking for ways to help our customers stand out with excellent products.

One of the ways that we can now make this happen is with Kalrez® custom perfluoroelastomer seals and parts, which can be made in custom sizes to work with your specific sealing applications.

We are excited at the versatility these highly durable parts will give our customers.

These custom parts boast both high heat and chemical resistance. Because of their versatility in sealing applications we can offer a variety of shapes in standard and custom sizes. These seals lend themselves to large or small parts. This gives us the ability to meet your needs, no matter the size, shape, or design of your parts, and most durability requirements.

Our certified AS9100 aerospace standard quality Kalrez® products are available in varied compounds which we custom match to your needs depending up on the temperature, corrosion and plasma tolerance our customers need. We can design and mold them to your highly specific requirements and to fit any of your specialized equipment.

Kalrez® is also available in slabs and sheets to facilitate a large range of uses. Using Kalrez® slabs allows for the creation of superior prototypes, both molded and machined.

Their unique technology allows for easy bonding to a variety of materials, can save you money by integrating the seal and substrate into a single part, and can be used for Valve seats, Packing Seals, Column Fittings, T-Seals, Diaphrams, Gaskets.

Composite Kalrez® parts are special profiles and rectangular shaped seals for slit valves, rubber to metal bonding parts (such as bonded door seals and bonded poppets), profiled quartz tube seals, diaphragms, lip seals, tubing, and specialized configurations of nearly any kind.

Expert support is available for you in cooperation with the Kalrez® team to help you create and design new seal shapes, optimal compound selection, check geometry, and even test performance of parts in service.

DuPont Centers of Excellence (COE) are also available to give our customers access to their global network for testing expertise.

At Zatkoff Seals and Packings ware are always seeking new ways to make our customers more effective, help them save time and money, and give you the highest quality products possible.

We’re thrilled to be adding the Kalrez® quality line of products to the rest of our innovative brands and services.

Is there a Kalrez® solution we can create for you? Give us a call!


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