Introducing Our New Integrated ZAP>IT® Solutions

February 06, 2020

Integrated ZAP>IT<sup>®</sup> Solutions

We are excited to announce our new Integrated ZAP>IT® Solutions. This updated system allows for the same inventory consistency and efficiency as our original ZAP>IT® vendor-managed system, but with added innovations to reduce your acquisition cost.



Predictive Inventory Analytics

Uses customer’s predictive analytics to anticipate inventory needs, including spikes.


Automatically processes orders and modifications to eliminate inaccuracies.

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

System provides unique tracking number for quick and efficient receiving.

Receiving Signal

Immediately identify potential discrepancies to prevent errors in quantity or price.

Summary Invoice

Summaries of billing cycles to increase cash flow.

Remittance Advice

Allows for automatically-applied payments, minimizing payment disparities.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)

Provides a faster and more precise payment process, removing the need for manual invoice matching.

Key Performance Indicators

Detailed reports with with metric insights to improve processes and inventory management.

When we first introduced the ZAP>IT® system in 1996, it was considered leading-edge technology. Since then, we’ve been committed to adapting our solutions to keep up with advancements in technology, as well as customer demand.

Learn more about Integrated ZAP>IT® Solutions by contacting your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative or downloading our brochure.


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