Bring Products to Light with 3M™ Ultra Clear Tapes

May 18, 2021

3M™ Ultra Clear Double Coated Tapes UCT-30 and UCT-50 both come with a polyester (PET) carrier as well as two PET liners for dimensional stability. As a 3M™ Select Converter, Zatkoff Manufacturing converts and laminates this product to various substrates.


3M™ Ultra Clear Double Coated Tapes are exceptionally clear, proving especially useful for display screen assembly. Produced in a clean room, these double-sided tapes feature the following benefits:

  • Ultra clear and ultra thin for exceptional appearance
  • 1 mil (UCT-30) and 2 mil (UCT-50) double-sided tapes
  • 90% light transmission and 1.1% haze
  • Good tack and instantaneous adhesion
  • Die-cutting and laminating capability


Generally, these acrylic tapes are ideal for electronic and appliance applications that require excellent initial tack and good adhesion. UCT-30 and UCT-50 are commonly used for:

  • Medical device displays
  • Automotive display attachments
  • Marine displays
  • Backlit graphics (airport signage, elevator buttons)
  • Touchscreen and control panels (thermostats)

3M™ Ultra Clear Double Coated Acrylic Tapes UCT-50 & UCT-30

Product Number Tape Thickness
(Without PET Liner)
PET Carrier Thickness Standard Roll Length Working Temperature
mils mm mils mm meters °C
UCT-30 1.0 0.030 0.16 0.004 200 -10 to 150
UCT-50 2.0 0.050 0.48 0.012 100 -10 to 150

It's important to note that these tapes may not bond or conform to rough or sharply-curved surfaces, and that their holding power is reduced in applications with elevated temperatures. For optimal performance, we recommend using these tapes within 18 months from the date of manufacture.

To learn more, contact your Zatkoff Seals & Packings technical sales representative.


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