Annual Parker TSA Visits to Zatkoff Enable Mutually-Beneficial Successes

September 19, 2019

The relationship between a distributor and major manufacturer is a complex one, as each party plays a vital role in enabling the success of the other. That said, the 60-year-long relationship between Zatkoff Seals & Packings and Parker Hannifin has an elaborate history that traces a legacy of mutually-beneficial successes.

Today, Zatkoff is proud to be the largest distributor of Parker products in the world. Given the commitment to ongoing collaboration and continued growth that both companies share, all new Tech Sales Associates (TSAs) from Parker Hannifin attend an annual training program at the Zatkoff Cleveland branch. Here, each side of this collaborative team bears witness to this dynamic partnership in action.

“During my visit to the Zatkoff Cleveland branch, I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of Parker’s front line,” said Matt Hogan, recent Parker TSA hire. TSAs were taught the fundamentals of O-rings and what a customer interaction would look like in partnership with Zatkoff. They also observed how Zatkoff facilities are organized to enable products to be brought in, stored, pulled, packaged, and shipped — as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, TSAs learned about the quality control measures that are in place to validate that specifications are met on every order. Many TSAs were surprised to learn that Zatkoff puts all products through rigorous testing in order to ensure the highest level of quality. This testing is critical to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, which is a well-known goal at Zatkoff.

Hogan added, “As TSAs, I think we gain a lot of value in being exposed to how a distributor operates early on in our rotation. A lot of the things we learned at corporate were high-level ideas about Parker, but our Zatkoff trip gave us practical knowledge and insight about how business is done that is essential during the training program.” Furthermore, the visit provides the opportunity to continue to strengthen the relationship that has been built over the last 60 years.

“Our time at Zatkoff allowed us the unique opportunity to interact with some of the individuals we will be working with when we eventually (and hopefully) become territory managers in the field. I left the tour with a stronger grasp of how Zatkoff, as a distributor, works in tandem with Parker to achieve its goals,” said Michael Keller, another recent Parker Hannifin TSA hire.

These visits are equally beneficial for both companies, according to Brian Gilboy, Zatkoff Cleveland branch manager. Gilboy shared that, “Having these visits allows us to maintain a seamless partnership with Parker in that we are better able to understand the products we are distributing to our customers — and the nuances of those products — which only helps us to provide exceptional customer service that we are known for. As Parker evolves and advances, so does Zatkoff.”

At Zatkoff, we are dedicated to earning our customers’ trust for the long term. We continue to invest in ongoing collaboration with respected partners like Parker that benefits both sides. To learn more about Zatkoff's Parker Hannifin inventory, reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales personnel, or contact us today.


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