How FinMan Fishing Innovations Uses Zatkoff O‑Ring Technology

April 01, 2020

Zatkoff Seals & Packings products sometimes have unique usage outside of traditional manufacturing, engineering, and industrial applications. FinMan Fishing Innovations proved this true recently by finding a cutting-edge use for our O-rings.

The FinMan is a lightweight tool with diverse capabilities that fastens to a fishing rod, eliminating the need for multiple, bulkier attachments. With the tagline “The Swiss Army Knife” for your fishing pole, it’s produced by anglers and built for hardcore use.

FinMan benefits include:

  • SLICE - Easily slices through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines for faster tackle changes.
  • SNIP - Precisely trims tag ends and removes knots from eyelets with its thumb-depressible nipper.
  • STOW - Helps to conveniently stow gear with the upgraded inline hook keeper.

So, how does Zatkoff come into play? Zatkoff O-rings are used to adhere the FinMan component to a fishing pole. This revolutionary method facilitates easy assembly; simply center the FinMan on the rod in the preferred location with both O-rings snapped in on the same side. Stretch one of the O-rings around the rod blank, snapping it into the opposite groove, and do the same with the second ring. Though it’s tight, the position and placement of the piece can still be adjusted once attached. if necessary.

For convenience, every FinMan tool comes with six O-rings — one pair of small, medium, and large — so customers can find the size that best fits their fishing pole.

If you’re preparing for your summer fishing excursions, stock up on FinMan now! They are offering free U.S. ground shipping when you purchase two or more tools, along with a money-back guarantee.

We love hearing about unique uses for our products! If you want to learn more about FinMan, visit their website.


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