Improving On Time Delivery

Streamlining Ordering and Inventory

A North American OEM company had a serious dilemma; the inability to find a supplier with delivery standards that would match the critical timing demands of their company metrics. After switching between several suppliers that fell short of their needs, we consulted with them and they chose to implement the ZAP>IT Inventory Management System. ZAP>IT streamlines ordering and inventory in a revolutionary way. Zatkoff worked closely with this company to identify all of their needs and desires, and set about creating a system that would not only meet, but exceed their expectations.

After implementing ZAP>IT at one of their sites located in Ohio, the company expanded the integration of ZAP>IT into more locations across the US and Mexico. This resulted in Zatkoff managing 1,070 bins of 445 unique parts at five locations with ZAP>IT. With the ease of implementation, reduction in inventory, and lack of downtime, each location had a seamless transition and were able to go about their business with an abundance of streamlined confidence.

Case Study
Zatkoff maintains 60 days of inventory on ZAP>IT parts, so your orders will ship the same day

Zatkoff maintains 60 days of inventory on ZAP>IT parts, so your orders will ship the same day. Before integrating, this company had an on time delivery rate as low as 24.6% with some of their customers. Zatkoff was able to improve this to 98.8% across all their locations with the implementation of ZAP>IT.

The confidence the company gained from a reduced lead time and consistent shipping standards allowed them to significantly reduce their overall inventory. In addition, Zatkoff’s quarterly reports helped the company to maintain 26 inventory turns without stock outages. This allows them to effectively keep the correct inventory for production at all five plants and maintain a consistent inventory between a one bin total of $65,923.17 and a two bin total of $131.844.33.

Case Study 2

To further facilitate our customer's needs, Zatkoff added custom molded rubber to our ZAP>IT product suite. Other parts like plastic caps, springs, and retaining rings within the C and D small item category are being considered for further additions.

This company found a great fit with ZAP>IT. They are now confident that they will have on time delivery, stock alignment, quality parts from various suppliers, along with the ongoing management tools to guide their orders.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings takes pride in working closely with each and every one of our clients to understand their needs. Our goal is to provide customer service that not only solves what our client's see as a problem, but to streamline their entire ordering and parts systems. At Zatkoff, our first priority is to help our customers save time and money while getting quality parts on time.

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