Eliminating Part Shortages

ZAP>IT Saves the Day (And the Dollars!)

An OEM customer was struggling with several issues. The producer of a vast offering of products, with thousands of O-ring sizes and materials in service, they faced unpredictable demand usage of their products. Spikes in demand were very common, and without advanced notice. They were using a supplier that does not have the support systems in place to adequately manage their parts inventory. Due to these limitations, the company was missing out on important orders!

That's where Zatkoff introduced them to the ZAP>IT Inventory Management System. ZAP>IT is fully customizable to any and all inventory specifications, and our technicians came up with specialized support to consolidate this company’s list of approved elastomeric compounds. Prior to this solution, no specification had been used to procure products for their applications.
ZAP>IT Installation
"The ZAP>IT Inventory Management System works flawlessly, and has allowed us to spend the time we used to have to spend dealing with inventory on other, more productive things. We're able to take more orders and turn them around in much less time."
We assisted them in supporting cost reduction by comparing the material specifications of the compounds they were using today vs. global compounds that would help with long term costs reduction. We also worked in conjunction with the Purchasing Department and their supplier extranet, to input the continuous improvements, and potential cost savings for the overall engineering project.

The ZAP>IT Inventory Management System was customized to the customer's needs by providing a detail specific, easy to use system that allows immediate shipping of needed supplies without delays, or overstocking. With a normal two bin Kanban system, a spike can occur beyond the available stock in the bins. ZAP>IT was developed to automatically analyze and ship parts to cover these fluctuations. These extra parts are sent to the plant using a unique bar code that says: "Use these parts first before going back to your normal two bag/box Kanban system."
On Time Delivery 2
In addition, we used color coding, custom labels, and packing slips including bar codes for easy identification of more than 3,200 bins at 6 locations. Zatkoff also implemented data tracking and daily reports to create a process completely unique to this company.  It allows their inventory to be very fexible, but sharply accurate.

Zatkoff Seals and Packings is committed to maintaining 60 days stock for our client's parts on ZAP>IT. This allows us to receive orders, and ship it out the same day -- 100% complete with no back orders. Utilizing an integrated IT systems approach, we effectively eliminated stock outs and shortages due to demand fluctuations. ZAP>IT, helped the two locations improve on time deliveries to customers from as low as 15.0% to 98.4%.

The confidence the company gained from our shipping standards allowed them to significantly reduce their overall inventory. The quarterly reports assist with the continued maintenance of their inventory turns. This allows them to effectively keep the correct inventory for production and still manage the overall inventory dollar levels between a one bin total of $47,949 and a two bin total of $95,958 overall for both plants.

No problem is too big for Zatkoff to wade in and help. ZAP>IT is convenient and cost effective. By providing better speed and accuracy, it becomes an actual money maker. This company no longer has to pass on important orders, and now has the ability to create more business.

Innovation for our clients is one of our greatest priorities at Zatkoff, and we will continue to find new ways to help make our customers even more profitable.

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