Zatkoff's ZAP>IT® Acquisition Program Yields Greater Inventory Turns

June 11, 2019

We are proud to announce the ZAP>IT® registered trademark in recognition of the many years of successful service this system has provided to several hundred users since its origination in May of 1996.

This tool was developed internally to go beyond inventory management, which is why Zatkoff Seals & Packings also uses the system to manage its own operations. ZAP>IT® creates the perfect symbiosis throughout the supply chain by eliminating waste and adding value for businesses.


New Generation of ZAP>IT®

The new generation of ZAP>IT® will allow for data exchange between computer systems, enabling users to keep the functionality and advantages of the traditional ZAP>IT® without the use of vendor-managed scanning or RFID devices that in many cases add extra steps and complexity to operations.

Stay tuned to LinkedIn and Twitter for more information about the new generation of ZAP>IT®.


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