Zatkoff Provides Critical Emergency Product Solutions

October 23, 2018


A successful product launch is never without challenges. These costly, high-stakes ventures often face last minute crises that require a timely, solutions-based approach in order to drive favorable outcomes. At Zatkoff, we are always ready to jump in with our reliable, emergency production solutions that will help our clients meet their goals at any point during the full lifecycle of your product development process, from the research stages to production.

We recently assisted an automotive manufacturer that needed a shim to correct an unforeseen problem that was discovered extremely close to a vehicle launch date. In order to effectively save the launch and allow our client to proceed with confidence, we had to move with urgency and a keen understanding of how to find a shim that met three essential criteria.

The material had to have low surface energy to allow for a plastic latch to slide across an automotive door handle. It also had to have excellent rebound properties in order to push the latch back to its original position with an ability to function at -40°F temperature resistance.

In working collaboratively with the client, our dedicated Account Manager facilitated consultations between our experts and the client — making twelve trips to the client to solve the problem in just three days. During our assessment, it was clear that no single foam material could meet all the required specifications. However, we could select three materials and laminate them together to deliver a successful resolution.

Utilizing our Rotary Press, we were able to save our client time and money, while still providing an advanced custom solution. The Rotary Press allows for multiple functions at once including top-quality multi-layered lamination in a single run for immediate results. Further, for ease of assembly, we applied a pressure sensitive adhesive to the bottom of the part which saved the client much-needed application time.

Our Gasket Manufacturing Division’s ingenuity, fast response, and prompt production helped to protect the integrity of the product launch. We earned the respect of the client and took learnings from the experience and applied them to other custom projects, as we always strive for improved innovation and customer service.

Unforeseen problems do not have to stop your launch or stall production when you have the full-service, solutions-based resources of Zatkoff Seals & Packings on your side. Supporting our clients to achieve continued success is always our first priority.

Contact us today for help in solving your last minute, or long-term project needs.


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