Zatkoff Academy 2019

October 17, 2019

Last week marked the completion of another successful Zatkoff Seals & Packings Academy, held at our corporate office in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Zatkoff’s annual academy roster consisted of twelve attendees representing all eight branch locations, who have been in their respective positions for less than two years. Members of our customer service team represented the majority of the class, who were also joined by members of supply chain, quality assurance, warehouse, outside sales, and a process engineer. David Zatkoff hosted the class with daily support from branch managers over the course of a two-week line up of vendor exhibitions.

Amongst the participating vendors, Parker Hannifin was a major supporter of the training, providing on-site presentations and multiple webinars. As Zatkoff celebrates 60 years of partnership with Parker Hannifin, we are grateful to continue the collaboration with the introduction of our newest staff members. As the industry trend of sealing components continues to downsize toward lightweight assemblies via automation, and customer needs evolve (indicated by the new Parker Chomerics division), our class is eager to engage with our clients utilizing these unique sealing technologies.

During this year’s Zatkoff Academy, our students learned how to target a variety of sealing concepts commonly challenging the industry, including:

  • Key industry terms
  • Failure analysis
  • Seal recommendations
  • Material recommendations
  • Gland recommendations
  • Retrofitting
  • Product substitution
  • Features, advantages, and benefits of each product line

Students engaged in on-site tours and hands-on product training at the Zatkoff Manufacturing Division in Warren, Michigan. Having first-hand experience with manufacturing capabilities helps demonstrate customer needs, which can be implemented in actual quantified engineering requirements for the final application.

An impressive highlight of the class included experiencing an assortment of Zatkoff's unique product introductions, each accompanied by its own success story. From designing of customer collaborative components for recreational use to equipping high-risk Mil specification applications, Zatkoff has proven our diversity in providing custom-engineered solutions from prototype to large-scale production.

Although each vendor offered different product lines and benefits, it was clear that Zatkoff has an established reputation of mutually beneficial relationships between our suppliers and end-users. With a better understanding of target markets and product offerings, our newest team members can more effectively use vendor and Zatkoff resources to continue the legacy of exceptional customer service while utilizing enhanced customer-supplier relationships.

“As additional generations of the Zatkoff family begin where founding members left off, our class is honored to join in onboarding the latest technology trends and revolution towards future sealing developments. We are excited to collaborate with the Zatkoff family and colleagues in establishing advanced solutions for any of our remarkable clients’ manufacturing needs.” — Kimberly Chantlos, Purchasing, Toledo Branch


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